Relationships are integral to our business model and the successful delivery of our strategy. We believe that a positive impact in these relationships will enable us to create sustainable value for our shareholders.

We strive to do all we can to maintain and deepen these relationships to best serve our customers, provide returns to our shareholders, and be responsive to changing expectations regarding the role of business in society. We aim to build a responsible business which has a positive impact on all of our stakeholders and creates value beyond profitability.

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Our corporate responsibility

Taking corporate responsibility and sustainability seriously is of the utmost importance to Northgate. Sound and robust health and safety and environmental (HS&E) arrangements and risk controls therefore form a key part of the Group’s overall business strategy.

The Group’s arrangements for HS&E governance and management systems are monitored by the Audit and Risk Committee who have designated the Chief Executive as the person ultimately responsible for implementing best practice throughout the Group.

Common and consistent standards in accordance with legislative and best practice requirements are applied across all Group operations. Risk controls and procedures are continually assessed to ensure that everything is being done to meet the highest possible standards of HS&E requirements using comprehensive and robust HS&E operating controls.

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